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Trial Bay Goal

The front, reception area, Trial Bay Goal. Stunning view across Trial Bay to South West Rocks, from the jail turret; not for prisoners. Wings of the cell blocks. Cell window; try to make your way out through that. Imprisoned, kangaroo in the jail grounds. One of the cell blocks, upper platforms (and roof) removed. Bleak but effective jailhouse architecture. Bar none. Granite block walls and guard post. Looking in on a cell block. Looking in on a cell block, rusted iron to be expected in a coastal environment. External wall of the jail and guard turret. Young kangaroo, ears to the alert, within the jail walls. Corner guard post along the walls with Norfolk Island pine trees, araucaria heterophylla, outside. Looking in to a cell. Order and symmetry along the outer wall of cells. View north along the coast from the jail walls, a view not for inmates. Jail wall and out to the blue pacific ocean. Sleep tight; in a cell. Granite blocks and iron bars. With a view to freedom. Along a cell block. The view from within. Cell window. Entry portico to the cell blocks. Guard post along the wall; clearly there would have been a platform there. Stark reality of jail.