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Surfers in a rocky cove. Seagull turns its head on surfer and paddle boarder. Late afternoon surfing at Angourie headland. Through the Pandanus Pines a surfer waits at Little Cove. Eastern end of Tea Tree Bay and Dolphin Point. Moderate surf on Dolphin Point, through the Pandanus pines, pedunculatus. Surfers out just after sunrise between Fingal Head and Cook Island. Surfers at Cabarita beach. Swim between the flags, patrolled surf beach. Surfers at Rockaway Beach, San Mateo County, CA. Surfers heading out at sunrise. Watching and waiting; surfers at Cabarita beach. Surfing at the northern end of Teewah Beach. Little Cove and the main beach of Noosa. Broken Head morning surfers. Surfers at Cabarita beach. Surfers waiting at Dolphin Point for a break, but the surf looks mediocre. Surfers waiting for a break. Surfers out a Dolphin Point and the beach of Tea Tree Bay. Eager early surfers. Fishing and surfing. Several early morning surfers waiting on Dolphin Point in the first light of sunrise. Surfer does well with low swell.