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Fingal Head

Fruit of Pandanus Pine, pedunculatus, near Fingal Head lighthouse. Columnar basalt at Fingal Head. Sea surges past columnar basalt at Fingal Head. Fingal Head lighthouse. Waves break over the rocks of Fingal Head. Fingal Head lighthouse. Storm comes in from the east towards Cook Island off Fingal Head. Surfers out just after sunrise between Fingal Head and Cook Island. Fingal Head lighthouse nestled amongst the Pandanus Pines, pedunculatus. Pandanus Pine, pedunculatus, stands at Fingal Head as a storm approaches over the sea. Fingal Head lighthouse. Waves crash and spray on Fingal Head. Surfers in a rocky cove. Surfers heading out at sunrise. Clear water in a tide pool. Storm over Cook Island. Eager early surfers.