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Snowy switchbacks. Hikers on the Tonto Plateau. Hikers on the Kaibab Trail in winter. A backpacker turns a corner on the Kaibab Trail. A Grand Canyon trail in snow. Grand Canyon hikers on the Tonto Plateau in the Grand Canyon. A view of Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park. Backpackers at Hance Rapid in the Grand Canyon. A couple backpackers cautiously peer over the edge of a cliff in the Grand Canyon. A backpacker in the Grand Canyon. A backpacker inspecting an Agave cactus on the trail in the Grand Canyon. Backpagers on the edge of Horseshoe Mesa. A backpacker above a creek (Hermit?). Ravens above a snowy trail. Crossing the Kaibab Trail bridge across the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Backpackers in the 1970s in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Yosemite. Backpacker on the Tonto Plateau. A backpacker's camp at Hance Rapid in winter. A High Sierra camp. A view of Crystal Rapid from the left bank (only possible by backpacking). Backpackers at Hance Rapid as the shadows lengthen. A backpacker in the late 1970s on the Tonto Plateau in the Grand Canyon. The Plateau Point trail leading to an overlook of the Colorado River on the Tonto Plateau, as seen from the Bright Angel Trail.