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Trial Bay. Granites, lichen and algae in Blyth Bay, Sisters Passage and Inner Sister Island. Vertical panorama east over the Tessellated Pavement natural rock formation towards the Tasman Sea. Rocks, algae and shells in a tide pool. Molluscs and algae on coral in a tide pool. Well-worn and not so worn sections of the Tessellated Pavement. Brown and green algae on coastal rocks. Algal and plant growth on the Tessellated Pavement. Seashore rocks at low tide. Algae exposed by the outgoing tide on a rock platform. Clear water in a tide pool. Algal covered rocks at low tide. Clumps of bright green algae on the water surface in a quiet inlet. Low morning sun turns the algae on the rocks golden. Tidal flats and algae of the Tessellated Pavement. Algae on rocks. Low tide exposes algae. Algae covered beach rock. Algae covered limestone with sea snails. Tiers behind the Tessellated Pavement. Looking down on the Tessellated Pavement natural rock formation. Close up look at bright green algae on the water surface in a quiet inlet. View east from the Tessellated Pavement. Low tide exposes algae on the rocks. Patterns. Life in the tidal shallows. Angourie point low tide. Algae covered coffee rock, a cementation of sand and organic matter. Looking south over the waves breaking on the Tessellated Pavement to Eaglehawk Neck. Tidal shallows with algae and sea snails. Algal growth makes walking slippery on the Tessellated Pavement. Paving tile-like formation of the Tessellated Pavement.